Past Litters

A-Litter (Shar Pei) 


Dam: Tsihmao´s Enah Blue Gen
Sir: Tsihmaos Two Make Me Always Happy 
Born: 27.03.2018
- Me Encantas Ash And Smoke (female / black / brushcoat)


B-Litter (Shar Pei) 


Dam: Me Encantas Ash And Smoke
Sir: Bailandijius Giorgio Armani 
Born: 05.08.2020

- Me Encantas Bebe Eres Inmortal (female / fawn / brushcoat)
- Me Encantas Blowin´ Smoke (female / black / brushcoat)
- Me Encantas Beloved Copy of Armani (male / fawn / brushcoat)
- Me Encantas Baby Happy Junior (male / black / brushcoat)
- Me Encantas Beyond Imagination (female / black / brushcoat)

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