SBIS, RBIS,De Jr. CH, Lux Jr. CH, Be Jr. CH, De CH, Lux. CH, Be CH, NL CH, BW´18, BW´19, C.I.B,      GW´21, BE S CL W´22                                                    Estet Classic Phoebe at Me Encantas

Name: Estet Classic Phoebe at Me Encantas
Nickname: Lale
Titles: JBIS, RJBIS, RBIS, BW´18, BNLWL´19, BE Jr. CH, LUX. Jr. CH, DE Jr. CH, LUX. CH, Int. CH (C.I.B) DE CH, NL CH, BW´18, BW´19, BE CH,    GW´21
Breed: Greyhound
Born: 07.04.2017
Sex: Female
Color: White with blue brindle
Father: Fionn Clann Iconic at Estet Classic
Mother: Estet Classic Tarantella
Breeder: Olga Gorbatsjova (Estonia)


Hereditary neuropathy: N/GHN 
Abdominal ultrasound: Clear (2018)

Heart ultrasound: (Clear 2018)
Eyes: Clear (2018)
Breeding license: Yes

Racetrack license: Yes
Coursing license: Yes
THS VO A license: Yes  


Luxembourg Jr. Champion
Belgian Jr. Champion 
German Jr. Champion
2 x Alpenjugendsieger 2018

Ambiorix Jr. Winner 2018
Ambiorix Winner 2018
Ortenau-Jugendsieger 2018
Rheinland-Pfalz Sieger 2018
Belgian Winner 2018
2 x Crufts-Qualified 2019
Vize-European Winner 2019
Luxembourg Champion
Twillight Winner 2019
Golden Winner´19
Rheinland-Pfalz Siegerin´19
Deutscher Champion
Benelux Winner Luxembourg´19
Sieger Karlsruhe´19
Belgian Winner 2019
Belgian Champion
Landessieger NRW´20
German Winner´21
Belgian Sighthound Club Winner´22

Res. Best in Show Minor Puppy, Wieze 
4 x BOB minor puppy (in 4 Shows)
1 x BOB puppy at IDS Dortmund 2017
2 x BOB puppy CAC/CACIB Metz 2017
Res. Best in Show Puppy, Metz 
Best in Show puppy Sighthound speciality Clubshow 2017
BOS puppy World Winner Leipzig 2017

CACIB Nürnberg: BOB Jr. / 1 x Ger. Jr. CAC-VDH / 1 x Ger. Jr. CAC-Club /Alpenjugensieger´18
CAC Nürnberg Clubshow: BOB Junior / 1 x Ger. Jr. CAC-VDH / Ger. Jr. CAC-Club
CACIB Mouscron: BOB Jr./ BOB & qualified for CRUFTS 2019!
46th Flanders Dogshow: 2 x BOB jr. res. Best in Show jr. 
20th Ambiorixtrofee Genk: BOB jr, BOB, Ambiorix Jr. Winner´18, Ambiorix Winner´18
20th Ambiorixtrofee Genk: BEST Jr. In SHOW!
CACIB Offenburg: BOB Jr. New German Jr. Champion
IDS Luxembourg: BOB Jr. New Luxembourg Jr. Champion
Sighthound Clubshow Luxembourg: BOB Jr. (again Lux. Jr. CH) & BOS
IDS Ludwigshafen: BOB, CAC, DWRZV-CAC, CACIB & Group II
Verbandssieger 2018: 2BB & CAC
CAC Landstuhl: 2BB & RCAC (turned into full CAC)
Benelux Winner 2018: 2nd best jr. female (excellent)
FCI Eurosighthound 2018: 3rd best jr. female (excellent)
World Winner 2018: Excellent in jr. class
CACIB Mechelen: 2Excellent
CACIB Maastricht: BOB / CAC / CACIB (Shortlisted)
Nat. Dogshow Metz: BOB / CAC
IDS Metz: 1ex / CAC / RCACIB (turned into full CACIB)
Bundessieger Dortmund: EX1. with CAC
Brussels Dogshow: BOS, Belgian Winner´18, CACIB & double CAC
Kerstshow Landen: BOB
IDS Luxembourg: CACL / CACIB / BOS & CRUFTS-qualified 2020
Frühjahressieger Dortmund 2019: Ex.1 with CAC
European Dogshow Wels: Ex1 / CACA / RCACIB / Vize-European Winner 2019
Sighthound Speciality Luxembourg´19: 1Exl. with CAC / NEW LUX. CHAMPION
Twillight Sighthound -Speciality: BOB / CAC / Res. BEST IN SHOW
Golden Dog Trophy: BOB / CAC / CACIB / Golden Winner / NEW INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION
CACIB Ludwigshafen: BOB/ CAC / CACIB / Rheinland.Pfalz Siegerin´19 / NEW GERMAN CHAMPION
IDS Luxembourg: Exl. 1 CH-Klasse / CACL / CACIB / Benelux Winner´19
Sighthound Speciality Cologne: Exl. 1 CH-class
IDS Maastricht: RCAC / RCACIB
World Cup Sighthound Belgium: 1Exl. in CH-Class
NRAS Karlsruhe: BOS
IRAS Karlsruhe: RCACIB
Brussels Dogshow: BOB / double CAC / CACIB / Belgian Winner´19 & NEW BELGIAN CHAMPION!
IDS Eindhoven: BOS / CAC / CACIB 
CAC Rifferswill: CAC
CAC Kleindöttiungen: BOS / CAC 
Swisscombi Lotzwill: CAC / 2nd best bitch 
Landessieger Nordrhein-Westfalen: BOS/ Landessieger NRW´20
Pinkstershow Gorinchem (NL): BOB / CAC
German Winner: BOS & German Winner 2021
CACIL Geel: 507 Points (Coursing) 
Sighthound Speciality Luxembourg: BOB / CAC
Belgian Sighthound Club Winner: BOS / CAC / Belgian Sighthound Club Winner´22


About Lale:
Lale is a very feminin, confident and beautiful greyhoundgirl. She loves to run and play, but also laying on the couch and just cuddle. An elegant bitch with a feminin head, lovely showrunner and a great companiondog! We have allready travelled around Europe together, and she is just wonderful to live and work with. An absolutely classic Greyhound to me. She is also an Race-Track & Coursing Licence holder.