Kennel Me Encantas

My Name is Isabel Weber, Born 12.09.1990 in Trier, Germany. I grew up in Norway, and i knew from the beginning on, i am a dogperson. I met up with many different dogpeople and i began to work and handle for different breeders around Norway. I travelled and handled many different breeds and here i found my love for the very elegant Greyhounds. I totally fell in love with their attitude and elegance, and i knew one day, i would also be a part of the Geyhoundworld. After many years of handling, i moved back to my homecountry Germany, where i now live and work together with my family. I am a licensed dogtrainer and dog-behaviourconsultant as well as an breeder of Greyhounds for beauty & performance.

My dogs lives with me in my house, and at day time they have much space to run and play as much as they like. 


I travel a lot around Europe together with my dogs on different Shows, to show my own dogs but also to see what dogs are around europe, to see how the breeds develops and to study bloodlines and much more. I only breed on absolutey healthchecked dogs, with a good temperament and if possible also have worked well on different Shows. Beside Shows and breeding i am very active into dogsports like Racing, Coursing, Canicross, Dogscooting & THS as well, and enjoy every minute and hour together with my pack, inside our outside our home. My dogs are true family to me, they live side by side with me in the house, and i dont sell puppies to pure Kennels.