JBIS, VDH-EJS´19, De Jr. CH, Be Jr. CH, Lux Jr. CH, C.I.B, BNLWL´19, DE CH, Lux. CH, Be CH                      Me Encantas Ash And Smoke

Name: Me Encantas Ash And Smoke
Nickname: JJ
Titles: JBIS, VDH-EJS´19, BNLWL´19, DE Jr. CH, BE Jr. CH, LUX. Jr. CH, C.I.B, DE CH, Lux. CH, Be CH
Breed: Shar Pei
Born: 27.03.2018
Sex: Female
Color: Black (silver sable)
Father: Tsihmao´s Two Make Me Always Happy
Mother: Tsihmao´s Enah Blue Gen
Breeder: Isabel Weber /Kennel Me Encantas


HD: A2
ED: 0

Spaid: N/SPAID
Patella: Free
Bite: Complete/correct scissorbite
Breeding license: Yes


Golden Baby 2018
Belgian Jr. Champion
Golden Challenger´19
Rheinland-Pfalz Jugendsieger´19
Deutscher Jr. Champion
Deutscher Jr. Champion CER
Luxembourg Jr. Champion
Beneux Jr. Winner Luxembourg´19
Sieger Karlsruhe´19
Rheinland-Pfalz Sieger 2021
Deutscher Champion
Luxembourg Champion 
Ambiorix Winner´22
Belgian Champion

CACIB Liege: BOB Minor puppy (VP)
Benelux Winner 2018: 2VP (Minor puppy)
Shar Pei Speciality 2018: BOB Minor puppy (VP)
World Winner 2018: 2VP (Minor puppy)
CACIB Maastricht: BOB puppy (VP)
Nat. Dogshow Metz: BOB puppy (VP)
Brussels Dogshow: BOB puppy (VP)
Kerstshow Landen: BOB, BOB Jr. / JCAC
Maneblussers Cup Belgium: BOB, BOB Jr. / JCAC
Gemeinschaftfsschau Nidda: BOB Jr. / JCAC / BEST IN SHOW Jr.
50th Flanders Dogshow: BOB Jr. / JCAC / New BE Jr. CH
Europasieger Dortmund: BOB Jr. / JCAC / R.JCAC / Europajugendsieger´19 & qualified for CRUFTS 2020!
Golden Dog Trophy: RCAC / RCACIB
CACIB Ludwgishafen: BOB Jr, / Jr. CAC / RheinlandPfalz-Jugendsiegerin ´19 / NEW GERMAN JUNIOR CHAMPION!
IDS Luxembourg: Excl. 1 Jr. Class / New Luxembourg Jr. Champion / Benelux Jr. Winner´19
Nat. Dogshow Etzbach: BOB / Club-CAC / VDH-CAC
IDS Maastricht: BOB / CAC / CACIB
NRAS Karlsruhe: BOB / CAC
IRAS Karlsruhe: BOS / CAC / CACIB
Kerstshow Landen: BOB
Int. Dogshow Mouscron: BOS / CAC / CACIB
Pinkstershow Gorinchem (NL): BOB / CAC / CACIB (New International Champion!)
Int. Hundeschau Ludwigshafen: BOB / CAC / CACIB
German Winner: CAC / RCACIB / New German Champion! 
IDS Luxembourg:
CAC /RCACIB / New Luxembourg Champion!
French Championship 2022:
Champion Class Winner 2022
Ambiorixtrofee Genk: BOB / CAC / Ambiorix Winner´22
Brussels Dogshow: BOB / double CAC / New Belgian Champion

About JJ:
Little JJ came into my life as a one child in my A-litter. I directly knew, this girl will stay with me. JJ  is a very smart and loving girl, always in a happy mood and very secure. JJ is a fantastic guard-dog, extremly strong in the move with the most cheerful temperament. 


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